Donnerstag, 16. April 2009

Our new site ''Mind Bay'' / What is Mind Bay?

Mind Bay is not a Site that I wish to build up on my own.
This site is more for connecting everybody that wishes to take part of it, seeing as we are going to tell everybody here about our imagination... We will tell each other what goes on in our dreams.
Tell people here if you are an artist, what exactly you do... If you do not create art, help us to do so by flowing in your feelings your wishes, your desires, your life.

If anybody wishes to put their art up here as a free download, they may do so...
That would be one of the first steps of working together.
After we have downloaded your song/animation/pictures, we can have a go at putting a bit of ourselves into it (for example remixing music, creating an animation or video for a song... etc.)

The ideal thing to happen though, is that we could start from the beginning, all talking about what that picture/song/video could be like, how dark/bright it could be......

I hope you now understand what this site is for

All the best

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